Milk Bar

A modern take on a traditional Polish Bar Mleczny (Milk Bar).

The first known milk bar was established in Warsaw in 1896 by Stainislaw Dluzewski, a member of the Polish landed gentry. It offered milk-based dishes and traditional, value meals. After World War II, during the communist era, milk bars became institutionalized in all major cities and towns across Central and Eastern Europe for the workers.

Eventually, the Soviet Union would collapse, but some of these milk bars, known for affordable food but high quality, would survive as nostalgic relics without being updated. Milk bars to this day have stayed popular as a meeting place for people of all walks of life. Thanks to this social mixture, there is a disregard; forgiveness to the interior state, for the atmosphere is always warm and welcoming.

The concept of our own Milk Bar is to create a friendly meeting place, to bring more cultural diversity to the heart of Downtown Phoenix, to serve traditional Polish and Central

European food and drinks; much like the original milk bars, but with bespoke, modern twists.

Milk Bar is a fusion of true European comfort food, mood lighting, clean lines, and fresh colors that contradicts the utilitarian milk bars of the past. Embracing all the best of Central European hospitality within an ultra-modern setting,

Milk Bar offers you an experience of some of the best in polish and European culture…

Thank you for your support and patronage Nostrovia (to your health).


Darek Pasieka